'a modern, harmonic and lively architecture is the visible sign of an authentic democracy' _ gropius

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extension wickersley 003.jpg

sketch view of extension

extension wickersley 005.jpg

sketch detail view


sketch view of extension

extension 26 05.jpg

rear elevation view


elevated 3D view

architecture-BOX 12_003_1.jpg

view of extension and consulting room

architecture-BOX 12_003.jpg

3D view

185 3.jpg

3D sectional elevation view

owston 1.jpg

3D view of extension and house

13.018 5.jpg

3D overhead view

13.018 structure.jpg

3D structure view

2013.03.29 Clarkegrove Road 2.jpg

3D lobby view

extension 85 001.jpg

sketch - conversion of garage to 'granny flat'

2013.05.13_ CURRENT Option 2B 5.jpg

3D view